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That Nox, Jaqen himself tests Arya by having her tell the write up of how she came to the House of Black and White. Much to Arya’s frustration, he is capable to say each time that she is fabrication, specially when she insists that she hated the Hound. The incoming day, Arya takes whol she has learned into consideration and manages to twirl a narration that convinces vitamin A sallow girl World Health Organization was brought to the House past her desperate father to drink from the House’s poisoned swell and terminate her woe. Jaqen watches her work and finally allows her into the Hall of Faces, the chamber where the Faceless Men keep the faces of the dead that they wear atomic number 3 disguises. Jaqen tells Arya that while she is still not ready to sfm flash games become atomic number 102 one, she is ready to become someone other.

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