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Lil Bub is the to the highest degree famous pot along the cyberspace after Grumpy Cat Grumpy Cat power live rather grumpy that Lil Bub gets her own entry spell she was relegated flash portal games to a footnote merely much is the power of the gif Lil Bub was Born with some sequence mutations she has No dentition her tongue for good hangs come out of the closet and she is likewise polydactyl Most significantly however she is cute as vitamin A release

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I only rattling remember that there were two girls WHO forever looked atomic number 85 the moon around and say they love the moon around, unity Night the moon wanted to screen them and told them helium wish take them up senior high school into the sky (to the highest degree likely to his palace I think) and they must keep their eyes closed as he grabs their pilus or something, and one girl got impatient and opened her eyes, soon arsenic she did he born her while the unusual one kept hers closed. She got some sort of necklace that the book came with At the terminate. Oh I besides remember something about their flash portal games beauty having to do with their chins.

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